Decorative Arts & Design History

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The George Washington University

Part-time Faculty

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  • Cecilia Anderson

    Cecilia Anderson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Textile history, textile technology, indigenous textiles of the Americas, museum curatorship, exhibition curatorship



  • Oscar Fitzgerald

    Oscar Fitzgerald

    Adjunct Faculty

    American furniture, studio furniture, history of craft


  • Jennifer Goldsborough

    Jennifer Goldsborough

    Adjunct Faculty

    American and British cultural history (with a special focus on dining customs and table-settings), silver, ceramics



  • Barbara Laux

    Barbara Laux

    Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century European Art


  • Heidi Nasstrom Evans

    Heidi Nasstrom Evans

    Interim Director

    Adjunct Faculty

    19th- and 20th-century American and European visual culture.


  • Lindsy Parrott

    Lindsy Parrott

    Adjunct Faculty

    History of glass, Louis Comfort Tiffany, American art pottery


  • Stefanie Walker

    Stefanie Walker

    Adjunct Faculty

    Art History: European sculpture and the decorative arts from the 16th through the 18th centuries

  • Tanya Williams Wetenhall

    Tanya Williams Wetenhall

    Assistant Professor, Design

    Dress and Textile Histories

  • Diane C. Wright

    Diane C. Wright

    Adjunct Faculty

    Art History: History of glass, ancient to modern; studio and contemporary glass; stained glass, Louis C. Tiffany and Frederick Wilson